This page will walk you through updating your WordPress site from a dev domain to a live domain. Or vice-versa.


  1. Both domains point to the WordPress installation with https (verify in browser)
  2. Better Search Replace plugin installed

It is strongly recommended to take a backup of your site in case something goes wrong

  • Log in to your WordPress Dashboard
  • Go to Settings → General
  • Update the WordPress Address and Site Address to the new domain and save the settings.

You will be prompted to log into the WordPress Dashboard again after saving the settings.

  • Go to Tools → Better Search Replace
  • In Search For, enter the old domain. Include “https://”.
  • In Replace with, enter the new domain. Include “https://”.

CRITICAL NOTE: Both entries must either end in a slash, or not end a slash. They must match or you will break your site.


  • In Select Tables, select all tables
  • For Case-Insensitive?, check the box
  • For Replace GUIDs?, check the box
  • For Run as dry run?, uncheck the box
  • Click Run Search/Replace


Note: If your site was set up on “http” instead of “https” at any time, you must run another search and replace using “http://” for the Search For and “https://” Replace with or else not all links will be updated.